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Adelante endorses Kristie Schilling

I'm honored and excited to receive my first PAC endorsement from Adelante. Adelante is a group of community leaders who endorse candidates so a diverse set of voices are represented. Growing up as a native kid in the U.P., I felt a lot of shame about my race. We were the butt of jokes, treated like we were less than others, were often called Chief or Pocahontas on the playground, and the “Raiders” were my high school mascot.

As a young girl, being on the reservation was scary and showed me how people who've lost hope live. The first time I felt a glimmer of pride of being Ojibway was in 1990 when Dances With Wolves was released. And I still have a crush on Kevin Costner! ;)

Some days I'm amazed that people believe enough in me to represent them as a voice in our city. Thank you to all of you who've supported me along the way and who keep me fueled up enough to make a difference!

My hopes are to represent the voices that are often underrepresented in all levels of government.

Gracias and Migwetch to Adelante for their support!

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