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Food Drive for Monona's St. Stephen's Food Pantry

Monona Food Drive for St. Stephen’s - Many people are experiencing food instability due to Covid-19 and other pressures. The City of Monona, Monona Fire Department, and the Monona East Side Business Alliance have announced a food drive to benefit St. Stephen’s Food Pantry in Monona. Contributions of non-perishable food, personal items, paper products, baby food, pet food, and diapers are appreciated. The food drive will run at least through December. A cutoff date has not been determined but the sooner the better!

Donation barrels are located at:

Clausen Automotive - 2118 S. Stoughton Road

Cozy Home – 6330 Monona Drive

Hoey Apothecary – 4002 Monona Drive

Monona Yoga – 5734 Monona Drive

Salvatore's Tomato Pies - 5511

Monona Drive Tabby & Jacks – Lake Edge Shopping Center

True Coffee – 800 W. Broadway, Ste. 900

Monona City Hall – 5211 Schluter Road

Monona Public Library – 1000 Nichols Road (under the overhang at the Healy Lane entrance during daytime hours)

Any business interested in serving as a donation site can email Mayor O’Connor at

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