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I represent a new generation of leadership in Monona. I'm a Monona mom, an innovator, collaborator, and a community builder. 

• Monona City Council 

• Monona Plan Commission 

• Monona Landmarks Commission Chair 

• Monona Community Media Chair 

• Monona Transit Commission

• Monona Tourism Commission

• Monona Ad Hoc Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Committee

• Vibrant Hydrants Co-Founder

• President of the Monona Business Watch Program

​• Monona Farmers Market Board

• Monona Grove Community Engagement Committee

• Friends of WVMO Committee

• Volunteer at Winnequah School 

• Monona Parks & Rec Soccer League Coach


• Dane County Parks Commissioner

• Dane Co. Cultural Affairs Grant Review Panel

• Co-Founder of the Momentum Urban Arts Fest (public street art)

• Member of Downtown Madison Rotary


• Wisconsin Bike Fed Board of Directors 

• Governor's Advisory Bicycle Coordinating Council - participant & presenter

Great Lakes Water Protector through my Tribe


2021 Sustain Dane Live Forward Award Winner

2020 Brava Woman to Watch

• 2017 Citizen of the Year Award - Monona

• 2016-2020 Best of Monona Community Organization Award


I could have lived anywhere but I chose to raise my kids in Monona. I love the small town friendly atmosphere, living near the lake, and I appreciate the amenities that living in Monona provides. I want to ensure that we have a resilient city that relies on innovation, making data driven decisions, and I want to improve our communication to make these things possible. 

I opened a cartography firm in 2000 which evolved into a full service graphic design and video production agency. I sold the business after 10 years when my daughter was one. I then worked for a few nonprofits including being hired as the executive director of the Monona Chamber of Commerce. I rebranded the organization to set it up for future success and position it as a more progressive business association that welcomed our east side neighbors. It became the Monona East Side Business Alliance (MESBA) and grew to become an economic engine for the east side with Monona at the hub. I doubled the membership in two years and it became the third largest chamber of commerce in Dane County after three years of my leadership. I was there five and a half years and left to pursue new opportunities on November 1, 2019.

I'm now the executive director of a charitable nonprofit called Free Bikes 4 Kidz Madison. FB4K Madison works in transportation equity by collecting donated bikes, repairing them, and giving them to marginalized communities throughout southern Wisconsin. I also work with local street artists to help elevate the diversity of art forms by legitimizing street art and increasing cultural diversity in our area's art scene. In 2019, I co-founded the Momentum Urban Arts Fest that created Monona's street art scene, and I brought the Vibrant Hydrant project to Monona in 2022. 

I am a first generation college student who attended UW-Madison 1994-1998. My degrees are in Conservation Biology and Geography with a Cartography and Urban Planning emphasis. I have worked in the tourism industry from 2000-2019. I grew up on an island in Lake Huron in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the Canadian border. I am a member of the Sault Tribe of Chippewa (Ojibwe) Indians, descended from the Anishinaabeg people who have lived in the Great Lakes Basin for millennia. My reservation is in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan. 


I live on the north side of Monona (NoMo) with my two children who attend Monona Grove School District. We love to be outside and you'll often see us biking, playing frisbee or football in the street, making chalk drawings on Gordon Avenue, playing pickleball, ice skating at the lagoon, swimming at the pool, walking our dog Mylo or brushing our kitty Bhoomi, and hanging out with our awesome neighbors. We have adopted Storm Drain 947, 948, and 949 and are committed to caring for our precious resource, Lake Monona.


  • South Central Federation of Labor AFL-CIO

  • Local 311 Fire Fighters Union

  • Building Trades Council of South Central Wisconsin

  • Fair Wisconsin

  • Adelante

  • Dane Dems

  • Kalvin Barrett - Dane County Sheriff

  • Kevin Gundlach - President of South Central Federation of Labor

  • William Lunney & Judie Pfeifer - Dane County leaders

  • Bill Quackenbush - Local Ho-Chunk leader

  • Gloria Reyes - Local Latino leader

  • Dave Flanagan - Dane Co. Circuit Court Judge (retired)

  • Brian Benford - Madison Alder

  • Charles Myadze - Madison Alder

  • Mark Clear - Former Madison Alder

  • Jessica Cavazos - State Latino leader

  • Oscar Mireles - Exec. Dir., Wisconsin Latino Chamber

  • Kirk Bangstad - Minocqua Brewing owner

  • Aaron Richardson - Fitchburg Mayor

  • Joe Maldanado - Fitchburg Alder

  • Jim Shropshire - Monona resident

  • Tim Metcalfe - son of former Monona Mayor

  • Baltazar De Anda Santana - Local Latino leader

  • Darren Bush - Owner, Rutabaga Paddlesports

  • Rita Klinzing - Local business owner

  • Alicia Hazen - Monona resident

  • Brett Haydin - Monona resident & Volunteer Firefighter

  • Ashley Gries - Monona resident

  • Tom Teuber - Longtime radio personality (WVMO / 105.5)

  • Aidan Murphy - Monona Volunteer Firefighter

  • Colleen Hayes - Local leader and biking advocate

  • Tony Casteneda - Local Latino leader

  • Kathy Carew - Monona resident

  • Josie Pyng - Monona resident

  • Mark Buffat - Monona resident

  • Jayson Chung - Monona resident

  • Catherine Orr - Monona resident

  • Gil Gribb - Monona resident

  • Nathan & Melissa Pluke - Monona residents

  • Nicole Gruter - Monona resident

  • Laura MacIsaac - Monona resident

  • Renee Raspiller - Local business owner

  • Tim Piotrowski - Owner, Delta Beer Lab

  • Brian Blank - Monona resident

  • Mary Delaney - Monona resident

  • Dan Chitek - Monona resident

  • Kristen & Larry Chambers - Local business owners

  • Jade Sachs - Monona resident

  • Raquel Diaz - Monona resident

  • Mona Stratton - Monona resident

  • Tim & Diana Collins - Monona residents

  • Eric & Katie Mackay - Monona residents

  • Cindy Hoppe - Monona resident

  • Heather Kapp - Monona resident

  • Ron Dennis - Monona resident

  • Jeremy & Heidi Duss - Monona residents

  • Kat Casey - Monona resident and local business owner

  • Mitch Surell & Beth Singer - Monona residents

  • Kellie Unke - Monona resident

  • Anna Gouker - Monona resident 

  • Andy Weidert & Shahla M. Werner, PhD - Monona residents

  • Beth & Donne Lalor - Monona residents

  • Jean & John Diedrich - Monona residents

  • Mark Shepherd - Monona resident

  • Craig Hulbert - Monona resident

  • Zhora Topoleski - Monona resident

  • Jacqueline Mortell - Monona resident

  • Judy Zabriske - Monona resident

  • Gene Mueller - Monona resident

  • Ron & Sharla Bilchik - Monona residents

  • Peggy Michaelis - Monona resident

  • Becky Wuetrich - Monona resident

  • Aric Riley - Monona resident

  • Brian & Susan Mason - Monona residents

  • Tim & Tarra Casper - Monona residents

  • Chuck Stonecipher - Monona resident

  • Brad Kressin & Erika Schneider, Monona residents

  • Dan Halverson - Monona business owner

  • Heather Owens - Monona resident

  • Dale & Marie Ganser - Monona residents

  • Valerie White - Monona resident

  • Greg & April Little - Monona residents

  • Ryan Ramig - Local business owner

  • Dave Ripp - County Supervisor & Dane County Parks Chair

  • Tom Thoreson - Dane County Parks Commissioner

  • Sam Kaufmann - Trustee, Village of Waunakee

  • Bwaakoningwild David O'Connor - Local Ojibway leader

  • Ruth Flanagan - former teacher, Glacial Drumlin

  • Pepe Barros Hoffens - Local leader and bicycle advocate

  • Sara Alvarado - Local leader and business owner

  • Amber Swenor - Local leader and business owner

  • Bryan Chan - Local leader and business owner

  • Andrew McKinney - Monona Grove School Board 

  • Juan Jose Lopez - Local Latino Leader

  • Andrew McCarthy - Monona resident

  • Jennifer Jin - Monona resident

tribal flag chippewa.jpg

My tribal flag of the Sault Tribe of Chippewa (Ojibwe) Indians


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