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Public Safety and COVID-19

I'm hearing from businesses who are wondering what they should do and struggling to find information on how to best serve customers and not contribute to the spread of Covid-19. I've made a poster for you to post on your doors. It's at the bottom of the post. Helpful links have also been included below. I realize that the business community is going to see large economic losses during this difficult time. But it's also imperative that we keep people safe and help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Those of us with immediate family members with compromised health should be considered in your public safety plans. I will include a link in the comments to Public Health Madison & Dane County with a guide for best practices. Here are some of the recent best practices from Public Health Madison & Dane County:

• Washing your hands, avoiding touching your face, cover your cough in your elbow or with a tissue are critically important, and maintaining a distance of 6’ from others is recommended. • Shaking hands should be avoided. A friendly wave works just fine. • If you feel you may have been exposed to the coronavirus and are feeling ill, public officials are asking that before you go to an urgent care clinic you call them first to let them know you are coming. This will allow them to prepare for your arrival so you are not exposed to others in the facility. • Event planners hosting events for large groups (50+ people) are being asked to cancel if feasible or move to a digital format if possible. ••• For businesses, I have made a poster that you can post on your door. Feel free to use it however you'd like. I would recommend that restaurants and grocers push your delivery services and others who have online ordering use that method so you can continue to make sales. For those who offer classes, maybe you can offer them online through video, live stream, instead?

You may want to consider having a plan for any employees who have compromised health or have immediate family members with compromised health to work from home if possible. Use a sharpie to write in details of how customers can continue to use your services. We must stay calm but we must be prepared as city leaders especially due to our large population of elderly as they are the most vulnerable in our community. I have a plan for us here in Monona.

Absentee ballots can be mailed to your home. You can call the city at 222-2525 to request one.


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