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The finish line is in sight!

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

a photo of Kristie and Jac from Building Trades and Kevin from South Central Federation of Labor
Bumped into Jac, the director of The Building Trades and Kevin, the president of South Central Federation of Labor yesterday!

This is the point in the program where I start to get all weepy. The months of hard work, knocking 1,216 of your doors, fundraising, numerous endorsement interviews, a seemingly endless stream of newspaper Q&A's, and having every conversation you can imagine regarding Monona issues on the campaign trail are all coming to a close as election day is just hours away. It's all for one reason—because I care greatly about the future of our city.

As I said in my closing statement, both Mary and I care deeply for this city. Otherwise we would not be putting ourselves out here and working so hard for this job that pays $7,800/year to be a public servant. I don't see myself as running against Mary—I see myself as running for the future of our great city.

Development pressures, financial challenges, staffing shortages, a housing crisis, communication challenges, longing for more diversity, and so many other issues, require strong leadership that is energized and motivated to plan ahead for the future.

Understanding the financial pressures that so many of us are facing and being in touch with the challenges of working class people and those on fixed incomes is incredibly important. We've heard the plans to have two referendums on the ballot next spring. They are an operational referendum to exceed levy limits so we can maintain our city services, and another for the Mayor's plan for a ~$56 million city campus building. I've heard your concerns and these rising costs are indeed worrisome. Having a creative thinker at the helm who has successfully led organizations with tight budgets and financial challenges and elevated them to high functioning models that others look to follow is what I am known for.

This is a job that never shuts off. I have mentally prepared myself for the role and the sacrifices required to be the best Mayor I can be. Our little city has a lot of big city pressures with limited financial resources. While that may be daunting to some, I find it exciting because we have so many opportunities lying before us. I know we can be one of the best little cities in America and I'm energized to lead us in that direction! I am honored to have the opportunity to lend my leadership skills to Monona and I hope I have earned your vote. I'll continue to work at this until about 6pm on April 4th so if you are still undecided and want to connect, please don't hesitate to reach out.

If you have NOT yet watched the candidate forum, it's a great way to do your research on candidates. Head to YouTube and the Monona Community Media Channel to watch. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK




On Monday, April 3rd at 7pm, the financing deal for The Bloom apartment complex is on the agenda for approval. On March 30th, our City Planner, Doug Plowman, sent both Mary and I the email you see here.

A couple alders have responded to emails stating, "It's not a big deal," because we now know that the new developer has been an investor on the project all along. But to us neighbors who live near this project and will endure 18-24 months of construction and will be impacted by the development every moment we are at our homes or in our neighborhood, this is a big deal. We've never met the new developer. To our knowledge he hasn't attended any of the meetings. Has he heard the concerns from the neighborhood regarding parking, traffic in an already congested small neighborhood of single family homes?

Compass Properties is the new developer. I see on their website they appear to develop commercial properties and now they'll be developing a prime corner lot on our main street.

There are a few apartments above the old antique mall space that have been inhabited by residents for a very long time. Has any displacement assistance been provided? Has the City reached out? I've not heard them mentioned at any of the meetings unfortunately. We are about to approve giving almost $3 million in TIF to the developer along with a vacant city owned lot that we purchased for $200K about 10 years ago. We are giving the vacant lot to the developer for $1 as a part of the financial incentives. I sure hope a part of the financing agreement with the developer has something earmarked for these residents.

Yours in service,

Kristie Goforth, Candidate for Monona Mayor 2023

Ada Deer, Campaign Treasurer


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