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Understanding Your Property Tax Assessment informational session

On Sunday, May 22nd, I hosted an informational session to help people understand how their property tax assessments are derived for the largest investments many of us own, our homes. I was joined by Attorney Jennifer Jin who brings robust legal experience including well versed knowledge of property tax assessments to our conversation. I especially appreciated Jennifer's communication strengths and her ability to concisely break down the complex process of property tax assessments.

This session lasted just over one hour and featured Q&A throughout. In the spirit of transparency and believing that everyone should have access to knowledge that empowers them and provides each of us with the ability to advocate for ourselves, I recorded the Zoom session so all would have access to this important information. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE SESSION

Passcode: bL!Zw#5X

PS. If you haven't heard, the Memorial Day Parade is back on and will be held on Monona Drive on Memorial Day. One small change however, is that it will end at Sennett Middle School on Pflaum instead of Village Lanes. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Your neighbor,

Kristie Goforth

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