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Endorsement letter from Lindsay Wood Davis

"When Kristie Schilling appeared on the scene as the new executive director of what was then the dying, stuck-in-the-past, Monona Chamber of Commerce, word quickly spread that this woman was a dynamo, feelings that haven’t changed since. From her big success recasting the chamber into MESBA, the Monona East Side Business Alliance (and giving such a big boost to our local business community), involving herself in countless community endeavors (with a strong focus on environmental and communication issues), Kristie Schilling has really left her mark on Monona. The opportunity to elect Kristie to join the team leading our city’s government is one we shouldn’t miss.

As I said, Monona is surely blessed to have four good candidates running for the city council; my experience with these two strong, intelligent, independent, progressive women makes me want to urge you to make them two of your choices. Monona will be better for it."

Lindsay Wood Davis


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